Anthony Priddle

The Artist

Anthony Priddle was trained as an Architect and was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architectural Studies at Newcastle University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture at Bristol University. He went on to become a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects and a Registered Architect. He practised in London, Boston USA and Bristol and then founded a successful architectural practice in Gloucestershire.

His interest in art, which was predominant in his pre-university days, lay semi-dormant for many years, when his artistic expression was principally directed to his architecture. In recent years he revitalised the desire to make art and periodically attended summer schools at the Slade School of Art. He went on to complete a Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Art at Central St Martins (Byam Shaw) in London.

His work is now motivated by light, both temporal and spiritual.


  1. 2008 Two man exhibition at The Great Hall, Herefordshire
  2. 2009 “Square up the Year” at No:ID, Whitechapel, London
  3. 2010 “London Art Schools Exhibition” at Goodenough College, London
  4. 2010 “In memory of light” at Kingsgate Gallery, West Hampstead, London: curating and exhibiting
  5. 2010 “Making Things Happen”, at Central St Martins, London
  6. 2010 “Substratum”, The Arts Factory, Islington, London
  7. 2010 Goodenough Prize at “GoodEnough Colours” Photographic exhibition: Goodenough College
  8. 2010 “Open”, Cheshire Street, London
  9. 2010 “Englandgang” at Gaengeviertel Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
  10. 2011 “New Beginnings” Applestore Gallery, Hereford
  11. 2011 Goodenough Prize at “Light” Photographic exhibition: Goodenough College
  12. 2011 Solo exhibition Haywood Cider Barn, Hereford opened by Kate Bliss
  13. 2012 hArt photographic works at Hereford Museum and Art Gallery
  14. 2012 "Originality and Theme Award" photographic exhibition: Goodenough College
  15. 2013 Goodenough Prize at “Streets of London” Photographic competition
  16. 2013 hArt Solo exhibition Haywood Cider Barn, Hereford “Light Eternal” opened by Angela Conner (sculptress)
  17. 2015 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition “Isleworth at Dusk”